Mass Sports & Sports for all

To strengthen the administrative and management capacity of the different sporting bodies to be able to implement sustainable sports development programs;

Develop a framework that promotes identification of young talented sports men and women and support the development of their talents

Strengthen the collaborative relationship with private sector to support sports development

Establish an organized system that allows mass participation of the public in sports.

Support capacity building of sports technical officials to enhance their effectiveness in the management of sports activities;

Enhance the publicity of sports activities and exposure given to sporting activities to stimulate public support and participation;

Develop sports infrastructure facilities that meet international standards and others that allow mass participation of the public in a range of sports disciplines.

Promote gender equity and participation of disabled people in different sports activities
Establish a system of motivating sports men and women to reach their full potential and individuals or organizations that promote sports.

Leverage the development of sports in Rwanda as a significant opportunity for economic generation through the hosting of international sporting events, the export of sport talent, and the commercialization of the sporting industry in Rwanda.