Core Functions of the Ministry

1. Develop and disseminate the sector policies, strategies and programs related to sport through:

a. elaboration of policies, strategies and programs that contribute to the promotion of sports and recreational;

b. dissemination of policies and strategies and monitoring their implementation in order to attain the intended objectives;

c. development and implementation of strategies that promote cooperation between sports organizations at national, regional and international level.

2. Regulate the sector of sports through:

a. elaboration of guidelines to orient different stakeholders in the sector of Sports to ensure coordination and avoid duplication of efforts;

b. development, dissemination and monitoring the implementation of standards and norms applicable to the sector of sports;

c. ensuring the alignment and harmonization of the Ministry’s programs with the Government strategies;

3. Developing Institutional and Human Resources through:

a. promotion of the development of institutions that support the development of Sports;

b. capacity building of human resources of the institutions that operate in the sector of sports;

c. promotion of the development of infrastructural facilities that support the development and sustainability of sports, programs;

d. promotion of research and development of sport;

e. promotion of quality achievement and performance improvement throughout Sports sub-sectors;

4. Coordinating, monitoring and evaluation of sector and sub-sectors sport policies, strategies and programs through:

a. setting up and monitoring the implementation of an evaluation system that helps to measure the progress and impact of Sports in the development;

5. Overseeing the institutions under its supervision through: